More than a virtual museums tour: The Travelling Museum

More than a virtual museums tour: The Travelling Museum

During the lockdown, many museums have created virtual tours. Visitors can at least have a virtual walk through the exhibition and view the masterful art. A variety of multimedia information is offered but the whole experience remains completely screen-based.

The NFC travelling museum by tuomi changes that. Users can touch the tactile objects in the museum case, look at them from all angles, feel the material, perhaps even smell it and try out whatever they want to.

Themenbereiche mit Tastobjekten

For each room or thematic area of the exhibition, a key object can be used as a tactile object with a NFC chip. On the screen inside the case a room photo is displayed. Marked information points are used to select content for different exhibits.

There are no limits for the content!

Use for example:

  • an introduction for each room (text and/or audio),

  • an enlarged picture with description,

  • an audio file (classic audio guide text or music or animal voices),

  • a video (e.g., centered around a restauration or excavation),

  • a picture comparison (e.g., comparing two pictures or a painting of a location compared to an up-to-date photo of the location),

  • an image slider to reveal the details of a painting.

Thus, each object in the room photo has its individually designed info point.

Try it yourself!

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