Helpful innovation: Dorengo even more user-friendly

Helpful innovation: Dorengo even more user-friendly

One of the many advantages of our Dorengo guide is the cover that perfectly combines a convenient user experience with protection of the hardware. We have made an adaptation to make maintenance even easier for the staff.

The Dorengo charging station

The best guide is of no use if the battery is flat. That’s why we have optimized our devices in a way that the battery lasts long enough without any problems. Even during hour-long periods of intense use – such as watching high-resolution videos – while exploring an exhibition. However, even the best battery needs to be charged at some points. That’s why we always ship our devices with a charging station that is adapted to the individual circumstances, especially the available space.

All our charging stations are made of wood and avoid plastics as much as possible. A small contribution from our side to protect the environment.

In the charging station, the devices are safely stored, easy to get out and immediately start charging. Sometimes, however, weird ankles and limited space make it tough to plug the charging cable into the charging socket.

Charging easier than ever

We came up with an intelligent and intuitive solution: With magnetic charging cables, charging becomes as easy as possible. At the same time, the cable lights up when charging. At a glance, you can be sure that all devices are charging properly and will be ready for the next visitor. The magnetic charging cable makes work so much easier for museum employees.

Das magnetische Ladekabel erleichtert die Arbeit der Museums MitarbeiterInnen

A small adjustment for us that makes work way more convenient for our customers and partners! If you would also like to use our modern digital guide Dorengo, please contact us.

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